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    Whether you own a cozy house built for two or an office built for hundreds, both buildings share something in common: The importance of their roofs.

Roof Cleaning Business

Roof Cleaning

Whether you own a cozy house built for two or an office built for hundreds, both buildings share something...

Why Clean it?

Stop the damage that roof staining organisms are doing to your roof. These organisms, specifically algae, lichens, and moss are feeding off the...

Our Approach

Roofing is an investment — and it requires a gentle touch. That’s why our team uses a soft wash...


Most roof stains are caused by the growth of algae (which can harbor a number of molds), lichen colonies (fungus) or moss that feed on the organic material frequently found in the mineral-based granules that make up roofing shingles, mainly limestone. This organic matter is the food source for these roof staining organisms. These organisms are literally eating your roof. The portions of a roof that receive the least amount of sunlight are more likely to have algae, lichen colonies, or moss growth. This explains why some homes may have roof stains only on one side of the roof, typically the northern and/or western exposure or in heavily shaded areas.

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